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Hi, I'm Pablo Rosales, a Full Stack Developer that does affiliate SEO on the side. In this site you'll find anything I've shared SEO related, including scripts, tools, my Chrome extension, and maybe some SEO tips and tricks.


Just started writing some short articles to see if people like them and find them useful, here is the first one.

SEO Chrome Extension

Part of what I'm doing to contribute with the SEO community includes this SEO chrome extension, where I try to add new features every month on my free time.

SEO chrome extension

SEO Ruler chrome extension, includes features like:


I have shared a lot of stuff on SEO Signals Lab Facebook community, and been featured as part of the amazing SEO Notebook from Steve Toth, who I recommend you subscribe to.

I also have a YouTube channel where I post some videos just to keep them archived, tho I'm not an active YouTuber. Check out SEO Ruler YouTube.


I share all this for free, but there are some things that take much more of my free time and I share then on my private Patreon page to those that want to contribute. If you're interested on following me and the things I build for my affiliate SEO, you can join my Patreon. Also if you just want to gift me a coffee.

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