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How to check for broken links

Broken Links Checker

Updated: 2020-01-16

Broken links on your pages will give your users a bad user experience, taking them to pages like the famous 404 Not Found. If you're looking for a free broken link checker, you found it!

So, how do you find broken links in your pages quickly?

Finding broken links in your pages

1. Install our free SEO Chrome Extension and open any web page. You'll find an option to copy all the links with their respective HTTP status for both internal and external links. Click on the one you need.

2. After you click the copy links option for either internal or external links in the extension, you have to wait a minute or so depending on how many links there are on the page, then you'll get a message letting you know that it has finished doing the work for you.

3. When you see the message that it has finished, you can paste it in a new Google Sheet, in there you'll see the data for every link, including the anchor text, URL, rel attribute, and the HTTP status for each link.

If you want to take it one step further and see the requests being made by the browser, useful if the web server complains for things like too many requests being made or to see if anything goes wrong with a specific request.

4. Open the Google Chrome Dev Tools by right clicking on any part of the page, and then click on the inspect option in the menu. You can also press F2 on your keyboard to open the DevTools.

5. Do this for both your internal links, and your external links, and create a report on them using Google Sheets, so you can track when those are fixed.