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SERP Analysis - Part II

Getting keyword data draft

So, getting keywords, I'll save yourself having to read for 100x time how to do keyword research, so I'll go right into how to get data and why. For this I'll share here different processes I follow.

I'll assume you already know what site you'll build and for this example I'll go after the "niche" pillows, specifically we'll start with memory foam pillows.

How did I do the niche research? We'll omit that part too since there is a lot on that topic, for this example I just looked at Amazon and found a product that I know sells.

Doing a quick Ubersuggest search, it has around 22k searches a month, not real data, but good enough info for this example... I mean, who does not use pillows?

So here my assumptions for this:

  • You already did your researcher on what your site topic
  • You already know it will generate you some money
  • You choose a mid volume "main" keyword
  • You have already a domain and where to host your site (tho I might share this part too)

Getting more keywords

So we have memory foam pillows as our main keyword. Now what I want to do, is get keywords related to those, and some questions people ask about the subject. This is so that I can get a bird eye perspective on the subject, and what my site would look like.

I like to start fast and then improve, so this will look disorganized at first.

Where we'll get our data?

I'm a developer so we'll be using a lot of code, my code will be free for you to use, but you might have to pay for some of the sources of data. We'll use APIs for scraping sites and search engines, and later we'll also use Google Search Console, Google Analytics and some more.

First API we'll use is one that I use a lot since it is quick and not that expensive, called DataForSEO, you can find other sources for this data, like exporting for SEMRush, Ubersuggest, aHrefs, etc.

We'll use JavaScript scripts on the Google Chrome DevTools and some Python code using Google Colab.

If you don't use the API from DataForSEO then you can omit those step and find your data somewhere else, I'll try to make this so that you can get the data from anywhere and still be able to follow along, while skipping some steps.

If you want a quick look at some of the scripts we'll use, you can take a look at the videos I shared on SEO Signals Lab and for example this note from SEO Notebook.

Similar Keywords

Yeah... I'll write this tomorrow.