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Advanced Google Image Search Tricks

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Updated: 2020-01-13

If you've been following the SEO community you probably have heard a little bit about Entities, and you know that if you do a Google Image search you get something like this:

Google Images SEO showing entities

Those little boxes are related terms (or categories or entities) to your search query. In this case common related terms to gaming chairs include ps4, red, rocker, racing...

Taking it next level

In this tip I'll show you how you can even more valuable ones by taking advantage of Google Image doing some of the heavy lifting for you.

The main idea is that Google considers this terms important/related to your query, and of course that means you can take advantage of them by adding them to your content, in the same way you can use other Google suggestions (like bold terms, related searches, etc).

First tip

The obvious thing in here is clicking on them, that will give you some extra ones, like in here, we have playstation 4 (related to ps4), cheap (something people search a lot when looking for gaming chairs), cool and top (common terms found on the SERP), etc. By now you can see Google is doing a lot of NLP and Entity Extraction in here based on their index.

Google Images SEO showing related terms

You can collect them to use them on your site using something like our free SEO Chrome Extension by clicking on the Copy image related topics and pasting them into a Google Sheet.

SEO Chrome Extension on Google Images

You can continue down this road and keep getting important terms for your content, Google will try to give you things that are related to the ones you already clicked on.

But now we'll do something I haven't seen anyone do yet, or at least sharing it to the public... This will take it to the next level.

Second Tip

Google is already doing all the heavy lifting for us in here, but now let's take advantage of that and ask Google to tell us more on what it considers important for our keyword.

Let's go to the web results on the SERP and see the top 3 sites that are ranking on there.

Google Images SEO related entities

As you could expect for this keyword, we have amazon in there, but down there we also have this ones.

Since this keyword is a product, we're interested in product pages, but if you where writing about something like "how to choose a gaming chair" you would instead look out for articles of that type.

So what now? Well, here comes an old SEO trick into play. Let's use the site operator on Google Images and see what happens.

SERP sites ranking for gaming chairs

Or without the quotes.

Google Images SEO entities for domain

And lastly, with one of the ranking pages (you can repeat with others).

Google Images SEO related terms for domain

How about that! Repeat this a few times with different pages and keywords, and you got some things to work with for your page.

Yes, there is more. Tip #3

So... here is the last trick.

Drag one of the images from Google Search to the search box, and Google will most of the times gives you the best query for that keyword, then go to the images tab again.

Google Images SEO image search

Now you have some more terms to use as part of your content / research, this ones specific to the image you used and the search query for that image.

Google Images SEO keyword

You can use this if you're writing yourself a new page, researching for more keywords, collecting important info for your content writer to add to your content, doing product research, etc.

Have fun!!